Sunday, September 30, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Here I am all snuggled up in the human bed. Since I am the smallest of all the cats (only 6 pounds), this is where I go when I want to feel extra safe. I get lots of cuddles too. I've got Mommy trained so that she will pet me even when she is sleeping!



Dragonheart said...

Thomassina, that is a very cute photo. You look very cozy and comfy!

Daisy said...

Thomassina, you are so pretty. And guess what? I weigh just 6 pounds, too!

DEBRA said...

Thomassina what a purrty name! A purrty name for a purrty gurl!! You look very lovely in this photo. I'm a bit over 6 pounds now...I have put on a teeny tiny bit of weight since I got here. In my other house they only fed me one kind of kibble whether I liked it or not. Here I get all kinds of stuff, especially stinky goodness, so I have added just a few ounces to my Manx shape. Momma says I look floofy.