Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coming Back

Poor Mommy! She had a fun little trip out of town, but all the travelling made her sicker so she has been lying around in the sun with us for days. She's almost better now, though, and has taken lots of pictures that she is going to post soon. This morning Emma got to play with her bird for an extra long time and can't wait to show you all how it's done.

We've missed everyone!

Emma, Jamie, Thomassina and Bob

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Here I am lounging on the people bed. I like to twist my paws all around each other and purr loudly. Mommy thinks I'm just irresistible. Mommy has a nasty sinus infection, though, so I've been giving her lots of purrs and Emma has been licking her face to try to make it all better. She hopes to let us back on the computer more soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thomassina on Tuesday

I had a very special morning this morning. I was the only cat in the bed! I like to sleep in the human bed, but I usually have to share it with Jamie and sometimes even Emma. This morning I had Mommy all to myself. As you can see, I am both dainty and very flexible so I didn't take up much room at all. Purrrrrr.........

Now I just want to know why my Mommy always keeps her camera on the bedside table by her head?


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Our Mommy had to go away for a few days, but she sent one of her friends to spoil us - treats, cuddles, all kinds of wonderful stuff. Unfortunately, the heat continues unabated. As you can see, I have quite the winter coat going. I still sleep on my favorite window box, but I feel compelled to sprawl out more than usual so I can get the breeze from the vent down on the floor.
Even if it is hot, this is still my favorite Sunday morning nap spot. After a strenuous morning of eating and grooming (I don't stay this silky without significant effort after all), I like to just unwind for a few hours or so. Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last Days of Summer

I know it's supposedly autumn, but it's still very hot outside. My furs don't know it's still summer so I keep getting thicker and thicker which makes me feel hotter and hotter. My Mommy tries to keep me inside where she keeps the air "conditioned" (whatever that means), but I need my little yard jaunts.

I like to lie stretched out on the garden bench because then I can catch a breeze with my tummy. I also like to eat grass and look at the flowers (which I don't eat). Here are my favorites:

These are pincushion flowers and they bloom all the way through December if Mommy keeps pruning them back. This picture is from summer when they were kind of little but now they look like big pincushion shrubberies!