Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bob - Cat#4

My name is Bob and I am the latest and greatest cat to join the family. My Mommy was off work to fix things in the house and she found me on the back deck. I did my best to look really pitiful. Since I was very hungry and had a tumor growing on my side, this wasn't too hard.

Soon I was getting good food every day and lots of attention. This was great! I didn't like the whole "going to the vet for tumor removal and shots" part of it, but otherwise life is good. I'm a very extroverted kitty so constant human contact makes me really happy. I'm not so sure about those other cats in my house (except Emma - she's my buddy) but I like having a place to stay.

Mommy keeps saying that she's trying to find a new home for me, but I've noticed that she doesn't exactly try too hard....

regular meals
licking people
sitting on people's shoulders

that other male cat
that's about it - I'm very easygoing....




Ivy said...

yeah i think if you are known as the 'latest and greatest' cat you are probably not going to be moving to a new home anytime soon.

The Crew said...

Bob, would you, Emma & Thomassina like to join my social group,
Coats of Many Colors?

And Jamie is eligible to join the Gorgeous Gingers or Attack of the Tabbies, but he needs to contact the group administrator for each of those groups.

George (Founder)
Coats of Many Colors

The Crew said...

To join CoMC, just send me a short biography with a great picture you want everyone to see. When you're officially listed, I'll send you the html code for the membership button for your sidebar. All bi, tri and solid color cats are eligible, so technically Jamie can join, too since it appears he has at least 2 colors of stripes!